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Turnkey Project Management

Project management including management of the planning, organizing and resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project and the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.

Project Feasibility

Project feasibility involves conducting the relevant studies to determine the viability of taking on a given project. The feasibility study is generally undertaken during the project initiation phase and is made before significant expenses are engaged and typically includes both technical and economic aspects. The conclusion of the feasibility study then determines if a production decision can be made and is used for budgetary and financing arrangements.

Design, costing and managing the tender process

Should a project prove to be feasible, the project then moves into the design phase. Architectural and engineering designs are produced in close consultation with the client, based on the requirements and available budget. A Bill of Quantities is produced for the design and contractors are then pre-qualified and invited to tender. On closing, the tenders received are then adjudicated and awarded to the most suitable contractor, having met the cost criteria and necessary qualifications.

Other Services on Offer

Project Due Diligence
Town Planning Approvals
Quantity Surveying

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